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Our scheme is registered with The Soil Association (Registration No. RE17M)

Grower based local vegetable box scheme

Situated at Fladbury in the Vale of Evesham, Oxton Organics is an established 12 acre Organic Market Garden run to Soil Association Standards since 1987. Both our holding and the box scheme are registered with The Soil Association.

We supply a range of organic fruit, vegetables, eggs and wholefoods. A large proportion of the fresh produce is grown on the holding or sourced locally. Our wholefoods are supplied by Essential Trading of Bristol, an ethical workers co-operative. We pride ourselves on being one of the first organic box schemes operating in the country.

Once registered, the scheme offers you a range of standard produce boxes or if prefered an e-box containing items you have chosen yourself via the order form. If you do not order an e-box you will receive your chosen standard box. In the interests of sustainability we restrict our delivery area to our local towns and villages. In some cases customers will need to collect their box from a nearby pick-up point


We are proud to have received a Soil Association award for dedication and service to the organic movement.

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