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Annual Spinach

Home-grown. Lovely succulent young leaves. Can be eaten raw, very lightly cooked or added to smoothies. 400g bag is a very large bag of spinach.
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Home-grown. Beautiful tender bunched beets. Beetroot are amazing so nutritious and a great source of soft fibre. Delicious roasted.

Broad beans

Home-grown. Beautiful your beans.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Cabbage Summer Round Cabbage

Home-grown. Derby Day, a tasty old variety lovely sweet and tender, always been a favourite of mind. Great for salads, steaming, curries, roasting, frying with chilli, coleslaw, salads and stirfries as well as steamed/boiled

Carrots Washed

Italy. Unfortunately our early sowings of carrots failed so the only carrots available are imported washed carrots
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Cima di Rapa



Home-grown. Early tunnel grown courgettes, taste superb. Mixed yellow and green available.
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..


Spain. Even in Spain cucumbers are not abundant in winter. Good tasty cucumbers, it's interesting to see how much visitors enjoy the taste of an organic soil grown cucumber.

Cucumber mini

Home-grown. Tasty small cucumbers.


Home-grown.Tender tunnel grown fennel.


Home-grown. Fresh garlic, you can eat everything. Stems are lovely sliced thinly and added to salads

Herb Basil

Home grown. Large leaved succulent & delicious sweet grenovese basil. Excellent for pesto, salads, continental dishes, and my fav summer sandwich cheese tomato and basil.

Herb Bay leaves

Home grown. Good sized stem of fresh bay leaves. The stem will have some very young growth on this can be chopped up and used as a fresh herb. Dry easily just hang it in the kitchen and use leaves as they dry.

Herb Chives & Flower

Home-grown. Lovely young tender chives and chive flower, also individual flower option. Hold and twist the flowerhead so you get lots of individual sweet onion flavoured flowers. Sprinkle on salads.
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Herb Dill

Home-grown. Aniseed flavoured herb great with fish dishes.

Herb Golden Oregano

Home-grown. A much loved herb, equally if not stronger flavoured than green oregano. Use in anything and everything, pizza, bolognaise, cheese sauce, casseroles, to stuff chicken etc or used sparingly in salad's.

Herb Lemon Verbena

Home-grown. Amazing lemon scent and flavour. Steep one sprig in a cup of boiling water for a lovely calming tea.

Herb Mint - Black Peppermint

Home grown. Black peppermint makes delicious mint tea or when you want a strong minty flavour. Just put a spring into mug and add boiling water. As with all the fresh herbs best kept in food container in fridge

Herb Mint - Moroccan Mint

Home-grown. Fantastic variety for general use and makes exceptionally good refreshing mint tea, as well as cooked and in salads. Just steep a stem of 6 ro 8 leaves in boiling water. A spearmint so also good for mint sauce, salads etc

Herb Mint ~ Bowles

Home-grown. Guernsey bowles mint, a fine flavoured peppermint, considered one of the best for cooking and mint sauce.

Herb Mint ~ Chocolate

Home-grown. Spearmint type. Best type for using in chocolate dishes, makes a great chocolate icecream, mouse and mojitos.

Herb Mint ~ Nile Valley

Home-grown. Peppermint type, good for drinks, mint sauce and cooking. Tender leaves great for salads as well as cooked dishes.

Herb Oregano

Home grown. Use in many continental dishes such as pizza, bolognaise. Such a useful herb and like all the other herbs so very good for you, packed full of minerals nutrients a true superfood.

Herb Parsley

Home-grown. Flat or curly leaved. So good for you and so tasty. We should all include parsley in our diets, use in pesto, smoothies, salads, rice, and cooked. Full of vitamins and minerals anti-oxidants and anti- inflamatory. High in vitamin C iron V

Herb Parsley Flat leaved

Home-grown. Flat leaved parsley, great flavour, good for salads as well as in cooked dishes. To preserve any of our herbs volatile oils, and keep fresh. Dry them if damp, keep in fridge in bag or sealed container. Alternatively put in jar water out o

Herb Rosemary

Home-grown. One of my favorite flavours, excellent for use with meats (aids the digestion of fats) roast vegetables, in bread, caseroles etc. Cup Rosemary herb tea a day said to improve the memory. Even sweets - Rosemary icecream, delic

Herb Sage

Home grown. A daily cuppa sage tea is great for easing menopause hot flushes. Sore throat steep a sprig (5 or 6 leaves) in a cup of boiling water add honey or honey & lemon to taste

Herb Sorrel

Home grown. Great acid/sharp flavour excellent in salads and with fish (stuff or grill/fry in sorrel butter) makes fantastic soup. Kids usually love sorrel.

Herb Taragon

Home-grown. French Taragon, delicious in cooked dishes or salads.

Herb Thyme

Home-grown. Growth is young and tender, so you can just chop up the whole bunch to add to dishes. Flowers can be used just like the leaves. When the kids were little, I used to chop up a bit and add to foods like baked beans to boost the kids vitamin

Herbs Mixed Basil

Home-grown. Excellent salad mix as well as cooked dishes. A selection of basils :- lemon (lovely lemon flavour makes your tongue tingle), cinnamon (small leaved purple stems great flavour), purple (great flavour adds colour to any salad) and sweet ge

Herbs Peppermint and Spearmint

Home-grown. Plenty of make mint tea throughout the week. Morrocan mint and black peppermint. Either stand in a pot of water out of direct sun, or keep in a bag in fridge.

Herbs Rosemary & Mint

Home-grown. Stimulating tea mix. Steep a little rosemary and sprig or two of mint in water just off the boil. Add honey to taste. Rosemary is very good said to be useful to the memory and I prefer to drink it with mint.

Herbs Sage Thyme & Rosemary

Home-grown. Great flavoured herbs useful in many dishes. Incredibly useful for flavour as well as immune stimulants anti bacterial. Packed full on minerals and vitamins.

Herbs Salad Mix

Home-grown. Tasty, nutritious mix for use throughout the week. Delicious added to salads & sandwiches, a selection from some of the following:- Basils, Mint, Garlic Leeks, Sorrel, Parsley.

Lettuce Green Salanova

Home-grown. Lovely tasty multi-leaf butterhead type, leaves small and uniform size so no waste and easy to prepare

Lettuce Little Gem

Home-grown. Lovely mini romaine lettuce, two per bag, lovely sweet hearty little lettuce.
Options: Each, X 2, - please select..

Lettuce Mixed Leaves

Home-grown. A bag of loose lettuce leaves, mixed colours and types

Lettuce Red Cos

Home-grown. Variety deer tounge. Sorry wrong image. Deepest purple long slim leaves thick fleshed. Not really a cos but similar texture and size.

Lettuce Red Oakleaf

Home-grown. Open hearted deep red oak shaped leaves

Lettuce Webbs

Home grown. Also known as crisp lettuce. Fantastic large sweet crisp round hearted lettuce.


Cheltenham. Tasty thick fleshed chestnut mushroom.
Options: 1kg, 500g, 250g, 125g, - please select..

Nasturtium & Calendula Flowers

Home-grown. Make your salads look stunning by adding some nasturtium flowers and calendula petals. Nasturtiums have a great peppery flavour can be aded whole or petals. Pull the petals off calendula and sprinkle on salads

Onions Green

Home-grown. Fresh onions bunched. Still have the green lush foliage. The green leaves taste lovely, sweet and mild. Great in stirfries, salads, omlettes etc.

Peas ~ Podded

Home-grown. Sweet fresh peas in the pod. These and the sugar snap are great for kids lunch boxes as well as in salads, and lightly cooked.
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..

Peas ~ Sugar Snap Peas

Home-grown. Sugar snap peas, tasty sweet thick fleshed pods are best eaten whole raw or lightly cooked. For best results simply string and pop in the mouth ;)
Options: 400g, 200g, - please select..

Potatoes new

Cornwall. Colleen.First of the UK new potatoes. A tasty variety good for boiling.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Potatoes Reds

Gloucester, Red Allouette.
Options: 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 500g, - please select..


Home-grown. Beautiful succulent large radish.

Rainbow Braising Mix

Home-grown. Beautiful young colourful mix of leaves. contains some or all of the following teen sized leaves pac choi, spinach, rainbow chards and kales.
Options: 400g, 200g, - please select..

Rainbow Chard

Home-grown. Teen leaf (much younger than in picture). Young tender leaves beautiful tasty & nutritious. Simply serve wilted or in stirfrys, paella, smoothies etc. Very high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals
Options: 400g, 200g, - please select..

Rainbow Kale

Home-grown. A colourful mix of teen leaf kales. Small leaves very tender. Simply wilt and serve. Great for smoothies, brasing, salads flan's etc.
Options: 400g, 200g, - please select..


Home-grown. Babyleaf salad mix. Tasty colourful Oxtons summer mix.

Spice ~ Ginger root

China. Good juicy ginger. A wonderful spice great to add flavour to many dishes and smoothies. Highly nutrititious aids digestion and anti-inflamatory, to name a few of the benefits of ginger.
Options: 250g, 125g, - please select..

Spice ~ Turmeric Root

India. Vibrant bright orange fragrant flesh, adds a citrus lively turmeric flavour. Fresh contains much more active ingredient 1tbs grated equivellent to 1tsp dried. Also grate onto salads & egg dish. Has awesome properties, powerful anti-inflammator
Options: 100g, 50g, - please select..

Spring Onions

Home-grown. Lovely tender spring onions.

Tomatoes Vine

Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..


Home-grown. A japanese white variety. Mild & juicy. Great in salads, lightly steamed, roasted or sauted as a side veg. Texture is superb when stirfired.
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