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Annual Spinach

Home-grown. Lovely succulent young leaves. Can be eaten raw or very lightly cooked
Options: 200g, 120g, - please select..


Home-grown. Beautiful firm fresh aubergines, good size

Aubergine Purple

Home-grown. A new variety from Eastern Europe. Smaller variety lighter purple good flavour


Home-grown. Tender young bunched beetroot.

Cabbage Red

Home-grown. New pointy sweet variety. Ignore the image, we'll take a new photo soon

Cabbage Savoy

Home grown. Bubbly leaved sweet tasting green cabbage.


Options: 1kg, 400g, 300g, - please select..

Calabrese Tenderstem

Home-grown. Limited. A cross between japanese Kale and broccoli. Tender stems small heads very tasty, eat the whole thing raw or cooked. High in vitamins especially vitamin C and A
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..


UK. Tasty carrots. Not washed
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..


Home-grown. Tasty and solid variety. We're trying a new open pollenated summer variety this year, looking good so far.
Options: Small, Medium, - please select..

Cavolo nero

Home-grown.Young tender tasty & versatile type of Kale. Rich in vitamins & minerals. Also know as Nero de Toscana/Black or Tuscan kale.
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..

Chilli Green Goats Horn

Home-grown. Variety Palivec. Large long chilli, thick mild flesh. Medium heat with great flavour.
Options: Each, X 5, - please select..

Chilli Green Ring Of Fire

Home-grown. Little Thai chilli, variety ring of fire, the clue is in the name, this is a hot little chilli even when it's green. Great for curries
Options: Each, X 5, - please select..

Chilli Red Goats Horn

Home-grown. Very large thick fleshed chillies, great flavour, not to hot but significantly hotter than yellow.
Options: Each, X 5, - please select..

Chilli Red Ring of Fire

Home-grown. Variety Ring of Fire hot thai chillies. Great for curries and drying
Options: Each, X 5, - please select..

Chilli Red Yellow Flame

Home-grown. Thick fleshed juicy chilli very hot. As chillies ripen to red the heat goes out of the seed into the flesh therefore reds are always hotter than green or yellow chillies.

Chilli Yellow Flame

Home-grown. Hot thick fleshed chilli. Spicy but good flavour.
Options: Each, X 5, - please select..


Home-grown Green and or yellow courgettes Fantastic grilled, sautéed or in salads.
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..


Home-grown. Very tasty

Cucumber mini

Home-grown. Tasty small cucumbers, kids love them.

Friarielli Broccoli

Home-grown. A leafy broccoli. Highly prized in Italy, used in pizza and pasta, steamed tossed in seasoned olive oil with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Beautiful wavy tender leaves. I think it's a cross between broccoli and cavolo nero.
Options: 250g, 125g, - please select..


Local. Good flavour, grown on a lovely small local organic market garden.

Herb Basil

Home grown. Large leaved succulent & delicious sweet basil. Excellent for pesto, salads, continental dishes, and my fav summer sandwich cheese tomato and basil.

Herb Bay leaves

Home grown. Good sized stem of fresh bay leaves. Dry easily just hang it in the kitchen and use leaves as they dry.

Herb Dill

Home-grown. Aniseed flavoured herb great with fish dishes.

Herb Golden Oregano

Home-grown. A much loved herb, equally if not stronger flavoured than green oregano. Use in anything and everything, pizza, bolognaise, cheese sauce, casseroles, to stuff chicken etc or used sparingly in salad's.

Herb Lemon Verbena

Home-grown. Amazing lemon scent and flavour. Steep one sprig in a cup of boiling water for a lovely calming tea.

Herb Mint - Black Peppermint

Home grown. Black peppermint makes delicious mint tea or when you want a strong minty flavour. Just put a spring into mug and add boiling water. As with all the fresh herbs best kept in food container in fridge

Herb Mint - Moroccan Mint

Home-grown. Fantastic variety, makes exceptionally good refreshing mint tea, as well as cooked and in salads. Just steep a stem of 6 ro 8 leaves in boiling water. A spearmint so also good for mint sauce, salads etc

Herb Mint ~ Nile Valley

Home-grown. Peppermint type, good for drinks, mint sauce and cooking. I'm growing this one mainly for its large flowers, they will be great in salads and drinks.

Herb Parsley Curly

Home-grown. Tender herb so good for you and so tasty. We should all include parsley in our diets, use in pesto, smoothies, salads, rice, and cooked. Full of vitamins and minerals anti-oxidants and anti- inflamatory. High in vitamin C iron Vit K, calc

Herb Parsley Flat leaved

Home-grown. Flat leaved parsley, great flavour, good for salads as well as in cooked dishes. To preserve any of our herbs volatile oils, and keep fresh. Dry them if damp, keep in fridge in bag or sealed container. Alternatively put in jar water out o

Herb Rosemary

Home-grown. One of my favorite flavours, excellent for use with meats (aids the digestion of fats) roast vegetables, in bread, caseroles etc. Cup Rosemary herb tea a day said to improve the memory. Even sweets - Rosemary icecream, delic

Herb Sage

Home grown. A daily cuppa sage tea is great for easing menopause hot flushes. Sore throat steep a sprig (5 or 6 leaves) in a cup of boiling water add honey or honey & lemon to taste

Herb Sorrel

Home grown. Great acid/sharp flavour excellent in salads and with fish (stuff or grill/fry in sorrel butter) makes fantastic soup. Kids usually love sorrel.

Herb Sweet Marjoram

Home-grown. Soft aromatic leaves full of flavour a huge favorite of mine, excellent in salads, bolognaise, eggs, cheese, quiche, pizza's & chicken. Very nutritious packed with minerals and vitamins highest herbal source of vit K needed for bone healt

Herb Taragon

Home-grown. French Taragon, delicious in cooked dishes or salads.

Herb Thyme

Home-grown. Growth is young and tender, so you can just chop up the whole bunch to add to dishes. Flowers can be used just like the leaves. When the kids were little, I used to chop up a bit and add to foods like baked beans to boost the kids vitamin

Herbs Mixed Basil

Home-grown. Excellent salad mix as well as cooked dishes. A selection of basils :- lemon (lovely lemon flavour makes your tongue tingle), cinnamon (small leaved purple stems great flavour), purple (great flavour adds colour to any salad) and sweet ge

Herbs Rosemary & Mint

Home-grown. Stimulating tea mix. Steep a little rosemary and sprig or two of mint in water just off the boil. Add honey to taste. Rosemary is very good said to be useful to the memory and I prefer to drink it with mint.

Herbs Sage Thyme & Rosemary

Home-grown. Two great flavoured herbs useful in many dishes. Incredibly useful for flavour as well as immune stimulants anti bacterial. Packed full on minerals and vitamins.

Herbs Stuffing Mix

Home grown. Parsley Sage & Thyme. This mix makes lot of tasty stuffing, or just three useful herbs to use throughout the week

Kale Curly

Home-grown. Strip from stem, shread & steam, can't put a more nutritious tastier greens on your plate.
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..

Kale Mixed

Home-grown. A colourful mix of all three varieties. Cavolo nero, Curly Kale and Red Russian Kale
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..

Kale Red Russian

Home-grown. Young tender small leaves. Theres good reasons why kales are called superfoods high in Vit C, A, K,magnesium and beta-carotene to name a few
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..


Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Lettuce Green Salanova

Home-grown. Lovely tasty multi-leaf butterhead type, leaves small and uniform size so no waste and easy to prepare

Lettuce Little Gem

Home-grown. Two per bag, lovely sweet hearty little lettuce

Lettuce Red Oakleaf

Home-grown. Open hearted deep red oak shaped leaves


Cheltenham. Tasty chestnut mushroom
Options: 500g, 250g, 125g, - please select..


Home-grown. Half dried so don't try to store. Great flavoured old variety
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Onions Pickling

Home-grown. Small onions great for pickling, taste really good and so much cheaper than shallots. Can also be used in stews and casseroles.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Onions Red

Home-grown. Fresh new season juicy
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Onions Small

Home-grown. Small shallot sized onions, just right for using whole for roasting and putting whole in stews and bakes, lovely and sweet use instead of shallots.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Onions ~ Shallots

Local. Sweet and juicy fresh shallots. Good sized bunches.
Options: 1kg, 500g, 250g, - please select..

Peppers Orange Ramiro

Home-grown Sweet long peppers. In glasshouse this year so big juicy and delicious. Kid's love them, eat them like apples. Smaller than red ramiro so cheaper
Options: Each, X 3, - please select..

Peppers Red Ramiro

Home-grown. Lovely large sweet ramiro peppers
Options: Each, X 3, - please select..

Potatoes Reds

Gloucester. Mary's Rose. New variety developed by Skea organics so should be good. Pink skin, white flesh, good for boiling mashing and wedges. mid waxy floury type.
Options: 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 500g, - please select..

Rainbow Chard

Home-grown. Young tender red, pink & orange stems make beautiful tasty stirfrys, paella, smoothies or simply steamed veg. Very high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..


Home grown. Tasty & nutritious salad rocket. Use in salad's, sandwiches, stirfries, quiches etc.


Home-grown. Babyleaf saladmix. Will contain some of the following Rocket, red & green lettuce, mizuna, minuba, mustard, red russian kale, coloured chard, spinach, basils, sorrel & or mint

Spice ~ Ginger root

China. Good juicy ginger. A wonderful spice great to add flavour to many dishes and smoothies. Highly nutrititious aids digestion and anti-inflamatory, to name a few of the benefits of ginger.
Options: 250g, 125g, - please select..

Spice ~ Turmeric Root

India. Vibrant bright orange fragrant flesh, adds a citrus lively turmeric flavour. Fresh contains much more active ingredient 1tbs grated equivellent to 1tsp dried. Also grate onto salads & egg dish. Has awesome properties, powerful anti-inflammator
Options: 100g, 50g, - please select..


Home-grown. Perpetual spinach best cooked, young and tender so hardly needs any cooking. Steam approx 2 min add a little grated nutmeg really brings out the flavour. Great in omlettes/pizza/quiche/smoothies.
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..

Squash Buttercup

Home-grown. Green skinned, deep orange sweet dry chestnut like flesh. Delicious baked or steamed and mashed with butter & milk. High in vitamin A B & C calcium magnesium phosphorus.

Squash Onion

Home grown. Chestnut flavoured/textured flesh. Excellent for stuffing, roasting, mashed (baked or boiled & mash with cream/milk/crème fresh and butter/margerine and pepper), curries, soup & stews.
Options: Small, Large, - please select..




Home-grown. First of the season, good large sweet tender cobs of corn. Hopefully we'll keep the badgers, squirrels & next doors pheasants off them this year.


Home-grown. We love tomatillo's squeeze lemon juice on them to bring out their delicious lemony tomato flavour.Used to make authentic Mexican salsa. Great in roasted whole, add to curries & casseroles. For raw salsa soak in lemon juice for 10mins is
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..

Tomato & Tomatillo Mixed

Home-grown. A beautiful colourful tasty mix of tomatoes and a few purple tomatillos. Put even more colour and flavour into your tomato salad with the addition of some sliced tomatillos.

Tomato Beefsteak

Home-grown. Large tomato variety great flavour, brilliant for sandwiches or stuffing. Taste amazing fried and roasted.

Tomato Round

Home-grown. Mixed varieties, tasty tomatoes. Have more now so down in price.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Tomatoes Cherry

Home-grown. First of the cherry toms
Options: 500g, 250g, - please select..

Tomatoes Mixed

Home-grown. A beautiful mix of colours size and shaped tasty tomato varieties. Mix of some of the following :-Stupice (small green topped), Black Cherry, White cherry (tasty), Jen's Yellow, Green Zebra, Orange Banana, Utah, Ethel Watkins.
Options: 1kg, 500g, 250g, - please select..

Tomatoes Plum

Home-grown. Great for cooking, treat yourself to some lovely meals. Later in season we expect to have plenty at reduced price for bottling and freezing. So start saving jars.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..
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