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Annual Spinach

Home-grown. These have grown over winter and are more mature/stronger than the young spring and summer spinach we sell. Great for cooking and smoothies. Wash well as grow close to ground.
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U.K. Loose beetroot. Beetroot are amazing so nutritious and a great source of soft fibre. Delicious roasted, in salads, cooked and mixed with yougurt and black pepper.
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Cabbage ~ Spring Greens

Home-grown. Not the traditional greens, shoots that have re-grown from cabbage cut earlier in the year, tasty and tender.
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Home-grown. Lovely cauliflowers




Spain. Ours have finished.

Herb Bay leaves

Home grown. Good sized stem - minimum 10 leaves. Dries easily just hang it in the kitchen and use leaves as they dry.

Herb Chives


Herb Parsley

Home-grown. So good for you and so tasty. We should all include parsley in our diets, use in pesto, smoothies, salads, rice, and cooked. Full of vitamins and minerals anti-oxidants and anti- inflamatory. High in vitamin C iron Vit K, calcium

Herb Parsley Flat leaved

Home-grown. Flat leaved parsley, great flavour, good for salads as well as in cooked dishes. To preserve any of our herbs volatile oils, and keep fresh. Dry them if damp, keep in fridge in bag or sealed container. Alternatively put in jar water out o

Herb Sorrel

Home grown. Great acid/sharp flavour excellent in salads and with fish (stuff or grill/fry in sorrel butter) makes fantastic soup. Kids usually love sorrel.


Home-grown. New variety grown for tender young leaves in spring. Very tasty. Strip leaf from stem, shread & steam, can't put a more nutritious tastier greens on your plate. Bagged in compostable film bags.
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Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..


Home-grown. Bronze tinged crisp batavia lettuce. Tasty and crisp.


Cheltenham. Tasty thick fleshed chestnut mushroom.
Options: 500g, 250g, 125g, - please select..


UK. Good sized onions
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Onions Red

Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Potatoes Reds

Gloucester, Red Rudolph.Great flavoured variety for roasting mashing and baking. Fluffy flavoursome white flesh.
Options: 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, - please select..

Potatoes White

Hereford. Carolus. Tasty variety, we've had these boiled baked and roasted and really enjoyed them.
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Home grown. Tasty & nutritious salad rocket. Use in salad's, sandwiches, stirfries, quiches etc.


Home-grown. Babyleaf salad mix. Tasty colourful Oxtons mix in compostable starch bags.

Spice ~ Ginger root

China. Good juicy ginger. A wonderful spice great to add flavour to many dishes and smoothies. Highly nutrititious aids digestion and anti-inflamatory, to name a few of the benefits of ginger.
Options: 500g, 250g, 125g, - please select..

Spice ~ Turmeric Root

India. Vibrant bright orange fragrant flesh, adds a citrus lively turmeric flavour. Fresh is best 1tbs grated equivellent to 1tsp dried. Also grate onto salads & egg dish. Powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-carcinogen.
Options: 100g, 200g, - please select..

Spring Onions

Home-grown. Hardy Japanese variety of spring onions. Very good for cooking - stirfries etc.

Sprouted Alfalfa and Broccoli

Devon. A very nutritious mix of sprouted seeds in 100g punnets. These are so tasty, loving them on my sandwiches and salads.



Tomatoes Cherry Vine

Spain. Lovely sweet cherry tomatoes.
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Tomatoes Vine

Spain. Good flavour
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