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Annual Spinach

Home-grown. Lovely succulent young leaves. Can be eaten raw, very lightly cooked or added to smoothies. 400g bag is a very large bag of spinach.
Options: 400g, 250g, 150g, - please select..


Herefordshire. Ours have finished. Ignore image these are loose not bunched. Beetroot are amazing so nutritious and a great source of soft fibre. Delicious roasted.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Brussel Sprouts

Local.Good quality and tasty variety.
Options: 1kg, 2kg, 500g, - please select..

Cabbage Red

Herefordshire. Crisp variety, great for stirfries and coleslaw, as well as roasted, steamed or braised.

Cabbage Tundra

Home-grown. Savoy or Tundra, which is a solid green winter cabbage, a savoy cross, leaves are not so bubbly with good solid heart. We only have a few so may be from local organic farm


Spain. Good tasty calabrese, quality and freshness. Calabrese is not hardy so no home-grown or UK available during the winter months
Options: 1kg, 400g, 500g, 600g, - please select..


Ombersley. Good tasty local carrots. Not washed
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Carrots Washed

UK. Washed carrots
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..


Local. Price may vary according to size. Not washed


Spain. Good tender celery


Spain. Good garlic. Prive may vary according to size. This price is for large garlic

Herb Bay leaves

Home grown. Good sized stem of fresh bay leaves. Dry easily just hang it in the kitchen and use leaves as they dry.

Herb Coriander

Home-grown. Used in curries, salads as an accompaniment to Asian dishes and many other uses.

Herb Rosemary

Home-grown. One of my favorite flavours, excellent for use with meats (aids the digestion of fats) roast vegetables, in bread, caseroles etc. Cup Rosemary herb tea a day said to improve the memory. Even sweets - Rosemary icecream, delic

Herb Sorrel

Home grown. Great acid/sharp flavour excellent in salads and with fish (stuff or grill/fry in sorrel butter) makes fantastic soup. Kids usually love sorrel.

Herb Thyme

Home-grown. Growth is young and tender, so you can just chop up the whole bunch to add to dishes. Flowers can be used just like the leaves. When the kids were little, I used to chop up a bit and add to foods like baked beans to boost the kids vitamin

Herbs Sage Thyme & Rosemary

Home-grown. Two great flavoured herbs useful in many dishes. Incredibly useful for flavour as well as immune stimulants anti bacterial. Packed full on minerals and vitamins.


UK. Ours have finished
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..


Cheltenham. Tasty thick fleshed chestnut mushroom.
Options: 1kg, 500g, 250g, 125g, - please select..


Ombersley. Good local grown organic onions
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Onions Pickling

Home-grown. Small onions great for pickling, taste really good and so much cheaper than shallots. Can also be used in stews and casseroles.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Onions Red

Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Onions Small

Home-grown. Small golf ball sized onions. Just right for using whole for roasting (no need to peel as you tend not to eat the outer layer when roasted), stews and bakes, lovely and sweet old variety use instead of shallots.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..


Local. Ombersly lovely tasty variety. Great time of year for parsnips as they get sweeter after the frost. Not washed.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Peppers Red Ramiro

Spain. Sweet ramiro peppers

Potatoes Bakers

UK.Cara. A floury variey with pink eyes.
Options: 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, - please select..

Potatoes Reds

Gloucestershire. Desiree. We love this variety, waxy tasty flesh. It may not be the most beautiful variety, what it lacks in smooth skin it makes up for in flavour
Options: 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 500g, - please select..


Home grown. Tasty & nutritious salad rocket. Use in salad's, sandwiches, stirfries, quiches etc.


Home-grown. Babyleaf salad mix. Tasty winter mix. Will contain some of the following Rocket, pac choi, choi sum, red & green lettuce, mizuna, minuba, green or red mustard, coloured chard, spinach, sorrel

Spice ~ Ginger root

China. Good juicy ginger. A wonderful spice great to add flavour to many dishes and smoothies. Highly nutrititious aids digestion and anti-inflamatory, to name a few of the benefits of ginger.
Options: 250g, 125g, - please select..

Spice ~ Turmeric Root

India. Vibrant bright orange fragrant flesh, adds a citrus lively turmeric flavour. Fresh contains much more active ingredient 1tbs grated equivellent to 1tsp dried. Also grate onto salads & egg dish. Has awesome properties, powerful anti-inflammator
Options: 100g, 50g, - please select..

Squash Butternut

Spain. Price may vary according to size, this price is for large squash


UK. Ours have finished

Sweet potatoes

Spain.Good quality.
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..

Tomatoes Cherry Vine

Spain. Sweet cherry tomatoes.
Options: 1kg, 500g, 250g, - please select..

Tomatoes Vine

Spain. Tasty vine tomatoes. Tomatoes are tender and need plenty of sunshine so no UK available in the winter (unless they have a huge oil heated carbon footprint)
Options: 1kg, 500g, - please select..
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